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Welcome to Electric Lotus.

Electric Lotus is a company made up of culture, fueled by passion and creativity. Its a lifestyle designed to have endless creation to further it’s journey and strengthen our beloved vaping industry. The Lotus flower represents detachment, a state in which a person overcomes his or her attachment, to desire for things people or concepts of the world and thus attains a heightened perspective. Electric Lotus is not just an eJuice line, rather a full service turn key eLiquid Agency providing the community with a multitude of services and claiming the first of its kind.

Created by Chris Davis, a.k.a DJ Panic, a.k.a one of the founders of Mr. Good Vape, The Originals, Drizzle and many more. He has been Innovating since the beginning of the Vaping industry when there were less than 10 eLiquid lines in the United States. With flavors designed for over 100 brands in the industry and 7 global awards under his belt he is a true pioneer leading from a place of passion and culture, building community and strategizing trends since 2010. Electric Lotus is nothing less than a true passion project, with its heartbeat of soul and fiery love. While combining blended mixology mastery and it’s musical background, we aim to create a flavor journey unlike that of any eLiquids on the market today.

“We aim to work with our clients to create and design a world in which their concepts come to life with the touch of our Electric Soul” Chris Davis (Founder) Electric LotusHere at Electric Lotus we are focussed on creating advanced, intelligent flavors as well as bringing people together that share common goals in creativity, whether it be graphic design, photography, videography and more.Chris’s music background, which includes 17 years of DJ experience, and over 70 written/produced records within the house music genre, enhances his mixological creativity.

“Mixing eLiquid is like mixing tracks. Each needs to tell a story and be properly selected, mixed, and blended to achieve that perfect, goose bump-inducing effect.” Chris Davis Goosebumps are a response indication of oneself's passions. Showing excitement and communicating through vibration, provide a momentary lapse of connection. When two people connect without words through the goose bump effect it can be compared to a reef changing colors under the summer moonlight.

Electric Lotus and its Circadian Rythm is our way of communicating through vibration with you. Chris had a vision to create a brand that brings the community together, and invites people to join together in the same party, dancing to the beat of Electric Lotus. Together with Electric Lotus’ message of love, unity, community, passion, creativity, and hope, Electric Lotus embodies life and its experiences, communicated through complex, delicious eLiquid flavors.

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